Too fat to be photographed?


  • I don’t like being in pictures because of my weight. But you are so right when you say kids won’t see it when they look back at them. I am a single mom and my kids have no relationship with their dad so I have to remind myself the kids will want pictures of me no matter how I worry about my looks. I also have to keep in mind the message I am sending my 19 year old daughter, and maybe a future granddaughter if she asks why I am not in any of them! (I have a brother named Ty too!)

    • Hey April! I totally understand what you mean. There are times it’s tough to look at the pictures… but I also look at pictures of years past and think how much I would regret not having a picture of me with my son at this age, or that age… When I look at the photos now, I see our smiles… and that makes it worth it.

      And I think it’s wonderful that you can look at the messages you’re sending to your daughter and to your granddaughter. It’s tough to teach them to value and love themselves at any weight if we can’t SHOW them how we do it ourselves. Not that it’s easy — it’s a constant struggle. We’re always so hard on ourselves.

      Your kids will love every single picture of you and cherish the memories, the laughter and love that they remember from those moments. :)
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