The Willoughby Family series Genre: Historical Romantic Suspense Get to know the Willoughby siblings in this series, set in early 1800s in England. Book #1: Something About Her Book #2: Cloaked in Danger Book #3: A Rogue’s Deadly Redemption Book […]

This year, I’m going to make a resolution that sticks.  Sound familiar? Yup. Me too. I used to say that every January.  I used to line up all the things I needed to improve on, what I wasn’t happy with […]

I’m pulling another idea from the crazy big blog post topic ideas list here on Kludgy Mom.  This topic came from the comments section, courtesy of Tough Cookie Mommy.   Seriously, if you need blog topic ideas, visit that post.  Then […]

Be humble and kind

November 10th, 2016

When was the last time you chose to be humble and kind?  Last week before the election took center stage, the Country Music Awards awarded a song called Humble and Kind as the best song of the year.  I think […]

I arrived with plenty of time before my flight. Yup, I’m that person who needs to be there two hours early. I hate to rush, I like to grab coffee, sit and check email, relax a bit.  Even wander around […]

Since this just popped up on my DVR list again, after airing on HallMark Movies & Mysteries, I thought I’d share it.  It’s one of those movies I’ll keep until I can’t keep it anymore: Remember Sunday If you’re in […]

I got this email in in my inbox from Awesome Hubby today titled “The Three Hankie Video.” Now, given his sense of humor and our love of sending each other things that make us snort-laugh out loud, this could have […]