Found this new site called with free stock photos.  Love this site, and this photo was one of the first to catch my eye.  Enjoy. [Tweet: Great photo from @PexelsPhotos]

CoSchedule is a tool that I’ve talked about here and I thought I’d share more of how I’m liking it. I use this in two aspects of my life:  In my day job as a marketing manager, our team started […]

So as many of you writers know, next week is the Romance Writers of America national conference.  For a variety of reasons, I haven’t been able to attend in the last couple of years and this year is no exception.  […]

There is some BIG things happening in Port Chuck in the month of July.  Jake is alive?  Whaaatttt?   For me, it feels like righting a wrong on this show. It was a death that I felt was so unnecessary.   […]

There are some movies that you just find yourself quoting for the rest of time.  #Dirty Dancing is one of those movies for me.  So much yummy goodness in this movie.                   […]

I’m always on the look out for new websites that offer interesting content or information, so here’s a snapshot of my June casserole of new finds on the web. The site that convinced me to sign up for their newsletters/updates […]

And … 20 some years later… I don’t know about you, but when I realized Gideon was #Inigo Montoya… I imagine my discovery was wayyy behind the times and it might have been immediately obvious to everyone, but it wasn’t […]