November 7th, 2015

As a marketing person and graphic designer, I know how much the impact photos and imagery can have.  And every so often, I see an image that hits with that impact.  This is one of them. I would love to […]

I love reading something that hits just the right way at just the right (or write) time….  And often times, I’ll find those article on Writer Unboxed.  Like this article below, by #Donald Maass — Talking about Positivity and Protagonists: […]

As much as the drama of soaps calls for secrets, public humiliation and confrontations between the bad-choice maker and the ones they wronged, there was a scene this week on General Hospital that actually made my heart hurt. Because the […]

I’ve had a few questions on what’s ahead for the #Willoughby family, now that Blythe, Adam and Lily‘s stories have been told. That leaves a few of the five siblings unaccounted for. Cordelia is currently in London and without her […]

News has spread about the Revival of Gilmore Girls — and I for one couldn’t be more excited about a show returning. Here are some of the details from TVGuide: Will we hear those final four words? Since Sherman-Palladino’s involved, […]

My Writer’s Toolbox

November 2nd, 2015

Writing is tough work. Anyone that tells you any differently is probably fibbing. And the more you learn, the more you realize how much there is to learn. So I’ve built this page as a way to provide some of […]

Who doesn’t love a good deal on a great book?  I found a new website that offers great books, deals and a connection point for readers and authors. #The Books Machine is one of them with an added twist. Not […]