Something About Her

Outrageous Heroes: Michael Ashton, Duke of Ravensdale

Just last week, Outrageous Heroes (on Facebook)  included Michael Ashton, the Duke of Ravensdale — hero from SOMETHING ABOUT HER — among their Outrageous heroes. Why? He’s a duke embroiled in two scandals! Duke’s involved in scandals are very outrageous….

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Going on tour…in my pjs

Just these past weeks, I signed up with Historical Fiction Book Tours to run my two week blog tour starting January 27th – release day! I can’t believe it’s under two months away.   Lots of plans underway to celebrate online,…

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In SOMETHING ABOUT HER, Adam Willoughby, the Earl of Merewood has little regard for Michael Ashton, the Duke of Ravensdale— the cousin of his sister Blythe’s first husband and a man he wants far away from her.  An excerpt from…

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ღ Cover Love ღ for Carina Press December Releases

One half of my life is spent designing pretty things and building buzz in marketing—this includes creating book covers.  And often, I’ll come across book covers that really strike me for some reason.  So I thought I’d start sharing those…

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COVER REVEAL: How a Control Freak Cover Artist Dealt with Someone Else Designing HER Cover

I’m thrilled to be able to reveal the gorgeous cover for CLOAKED IN DANGER.  The artists and marketing team at Carina Press did an amazing job – I love the colors, the backdrop, the woman in motion… all of it….

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A title for Adam and Aria!

Just this past week, I got an email from my editor with the title that Harlequin’s Carina Press has come up with for Adam and Aria’s story of suspense and romance.  And I LOVE it!  I think it perfectly fits…

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Getting ..and Missing…”The Call”

Having received the news last week that my second book is set to release with Carina Press in January 2014, I thought I’d share how Adam and Aria’s story came to came to be.  Though Adam’s story is my second…

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Where do you get ideas for names?

Often, writers are asked where they come up with names for the characters in their books.   I don’t know if other authors are the same, but for me, the wrong name on a character can make it hard to write…

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