Yes, I am one of those writers who knew from the single-digit age that I wanted to be a writer.   I also know it’s not a unique selling point— but it is the truth.  I had written my first story, and felt the unique joy of writing “the end.”  It changed me, it gave me purpose.  And in some of those years, I suppose I needed that purpose.  I wrote in English class, finished my first book—150 handwritten pages,  I wrote whenever I could.

The designer was born…

(Translation: Pay a lot of money to go to school, get a degree and go beg for work.)

I took a very long-winded detour on my path to being The Greatest Novelist Ever. (My exact dream at age 8, I believe. Of course, then, the greatest novelist I knew was Dr. Seuss and…well, he’s still pretty great.)  That detour dropped me into the career of marketing and design, for which I happily focused on for quite a few years. Little did I know how useful it would prove when I decided to start writing again.   So you’ll see my name as a cover artist, a web designer (Will Design for Chocolate) among other things.  I find it fortunate to do work I enjoy in the world of writers I love.

My Journey as a Writer

When I finally decided to finish a book, I looked at my favorites for inspiration.  My favorite author was Judith McNaught, so I decided to write in the era she did.  Little did I know how much I would come to love the research involved in digging up the past — the good, the bad and the ugly.    I also discovered a love of suspense…and a surprising knack for it.   One day, my husband and I were having a dinner conversation with friends about the best way to kill someone and hide a body.  (Doesn’t everyone discuss this over steak?) They all came up with sure-fire plots to land them in jail.  And after I was finished coming up with my plot (involving chopping body parts), I suddenly realized the room had gotten very quiet.

Not long after that, I realized while I have a big drive to always find a silver-lining in life (hence the happy endings I love in romance), it would likely be as I drive under the clouds looking for a place to hide the body in the trunk.   It’s an odd mix, I know — the positive meets the “Oh My God, what did she just do?”  But I’ve learned to write what fascinates me…and I’ve also learned that there are some surprising skeletons in the closet of history.   Stories in the making that I hope you will enjoy.

What’s Ahead

My first book was published in 2009, a historical romance with more of a fairy tale flare (they have bad guys, too).   My next release, CLOAKED IN DANGER comes in January 2014 from Harlequin’s Carina Press.  There is a darker side to the Regency London we all know…and the Willoughby siblings find themselves caught in it.