“Jeannie Ruesch has created the perfect tool for writers.
This workbook has everything you’ll need to stay organized–all in one place!”
NY Times Bestselling Author Brenda Novak


Keep your manuscript details organized!

Do you have sticky notes everywhere with details about your characters or plot points? Do you have computer files, notebooks, loose leaf papers, even napkins with the valuable information you need to keep control of your manuscript? Have all the Information you need at the tip of your fingers with this  notebook in the format that makes the most sense to you.

This notebook was born of one writer’s (yup, that would be me) ever-growing pile of papers, notebooks, notes, sticky notes and random napkins I could find to write down the details of my manuscripts.  After nothing else worked well, I created this notebook to keep me organized, on track and to remember those details that always come back to haunt me.  Then someone suggested others might find it useful.  So voila… here is it, bound and ready for you.

Use it however you choose. Rip out pages that don’t apply. Scribble all over them. Doodle in the corners (like I do). But whether you are a writer who plots ahead or writes by the seat of your pants, this notebook can help keep you organized, as well as track the process of your story and all the elements. It is broken down into the various sections of writing a novel, from conceptualization to character creation to a final editing and polishing checklist and a submission tracker.

From start to published, keep track of the details of every step of your novel with this notebook of outlines. With a combination of detailed outlines, questions and character profiles as well as plenty of blank, lined pages for your notes and thoughts, this notebook makes the perfect companion to finishing your novel.

“I have the e-doc of Jeannie Ruesch’s Novel Notebook. I’m not the kind of person who
gives good quotes unless I mean them, so this is my honest opinion. I love the Novel Notebook
because it’s a complete keep-everything-in-one-place solution for your novel in progress,
and even your completed and submitted novel.” — Writer Charlotte Dillon {Charlotte’s Blog post}


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The notebook is offered in three formats- printed notebook, downloadable Word Doc, and PDF for printing- to accommodate different writing processes.  Choose the format below that best suits your work style.

New! Evernote Format Coming Soon
Coming in 2017:
A new Evernote format you can use to build as many notebooks as you’d like.

8×10 Print Workbook  | $13.50

The workbook is a printed and perfect-bound version of the WIP Notebook, available to you from Amazon.com. Perfect for taking with you wherever you go.

Downloadable e-Document (M.S. Word file) | $6.95

The e-doc version was tailored for use on your computer with expandable fields for writing as little or as much as you want. Use this version if you prefer to write your notes on your computer. Purchase through my site – handled via e-junkie/paypal.  Once your payment has gone through,  you will receive an email with a link to download the document.

*The edoc version order is non-refundable, but if you have problems with the link, I will personally send you the file.

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  Downloadable PDF for printing | $6.95

The PDF version is used for printing ONLY. Rather than fields that expand in word, it has lines for handwriting in like you would a traditional notebook. Use this option if you prefer to write your notes directly into a notebook. Purchase through e-junkie/paypal.  Once your payment has gone through, you will receive an email with a link to download the document. Add to Cart     View Cart

More Comments & Reviews

“…This is one amazing tool for any author’s work-in-progress.  It takes you from concept to completion to submission and publication.  It’s not only a gold mine.  This is the mother lode.” ~ Mary Stella, full blog post at Babes in Bookland

“This notebook is really cool! I love anything that helps keep me organized. I really like the layout too.” ~ Mention in the CoolStuff4Writers March 08 Newsletter.

“…the Work in Progress Notebook contains pages for every kind of information you’d need to record about your novel as you write it, from initial thoughts on character and plot to submission and publication. … it’s clear that this is the product of a working writer’s experience—and not how a programmer or publisher might imagine a writer would work.”
~ Writerstechnology.com

“I purchased a copy of this book a year ago to help me organize my thoughts on the manuscript that I was writing. It is by far one of the best project notebooks I have ever seen. Ms. Ruesch does a fantastic job of giving you a place to put all of your random thoughts about your WIP and keeps all of your project in one place! Two thumbs up! ” ~ Valerie Oakleaf, Amazon Reviewer

“I’m a pantser, plan and simple, but Jeannie Reusch’s WORK IN PROGRESS NOTEBOOK is a terrific way to stay organized. From the character sheets to the overall plot arc, I highly recommend this to anyone who needs to keep track of their WIP. ” ~ P. James

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