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[17 Aug 2011 | One Comment | ]

August 25th.  That’s D-day at my desk.  It’s when my first independently published book, The Rock Star’s Sheriff, will be available on Kindle and Smash Words and in print — fingers crossed, knock on wood, creek don’t rise, etc. etc.  That’s just the beginning of this roller coaster ride.  Five short stories will follow in September and October.  Check my website for more details.
When I made this decision, I had some idea what I was getting into, but as with any new endeavor, there …

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[11 Aug 2011 | 14 Comments | ]

I recently wrapped up the first draft of my latest WIP and put it aside for a couple of weeks before tackling the editing process and submitting it to a publisher who made a request for the full. I mentioned this to a colleague at work and he asked, “Now, what do you do? What next?”
Good question.
There is nothing sweeter to me than when I get to type “The End” to a manuscript that I have labored over for several months. Now, I’m a night writer so usually this occurs …

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[26 Jul 2011 | 3 Comments | ]

The last few days have been hectic for me. I had to finish some edits for my holiday release, and then I was trying to write a partial and synopsis for something else.
Synopsis. The dreaded Synopsis.
Not fun.
I can’t even function now. I don’t know what it is about writing a five page summary of a book that kills me, when I know exactly what happens and what needs to be said. But it makes me so miserable every time!
My only recourse is to hopefully save some of my fellow writers …

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[20 Jul 2011 | One Comment | ]

As a writer, I know that inspiration comes from many sources.  It can be the lyrics to a sad song, a stunning picture or a vivid dream.  Some of these ideas come to fruition and some of them lack enough depth to make a truly good story and are discarded.   Sometimes we write half a story before we realize the idea is dead.  But when we are truly inspired, the idea blooms and grows and evolves becoming an inspiration of its own.
Recently I did some research on William Hogarth.  You get extra points …

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[14 Jul 2011 | 25 Comments | ]

I think I can assume that most of us write romance novels or at least fiction with a strong romantic element and that means one thing – sooner or later we write about S-E-X. Now, some of us write great scenes of sexual tension, have a kiss or two and then firmly close the door. And, some of us (myself included) leave the door wide open and let the reader in on every sweaty, naked, orgasmic moment.
Yeah, baby.
And, when we talk about sex we have to think about safe sex. …

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[12 Jul 2011 | One Comment | ]

I’m slow getting started this morning. Not until my second cup of coffee did I remember today is my blog day. YIKES! Definitely having one of those mornings.
RWA Nationals occurred…last week? Okay, like a week and a half ago. I flew home on Sunday, July 3. The flight was…less than stellar. And now, suddenly, another week has slipped by and I can’t tell you why. Okay. Yes, I can. Despite all the projects in various stages littering my desk, hard drive, the Cloud, my imagination, and Iffy’s scissors, I dove …

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[8 Jul 2011 | 5 Comments | ]

Yikes, just woke up to the fact I have this blog today.   I hate when I do this, especially days when I think I’m going to meet myself coming.
So with that said, I’d like to take the opportunity to introduce a new online group called Love A Happy Ending.   It was conceived by Linn Halton an author from England and has a new concept or at least one I haven’t seen before.  It’s all about Reader Power and is designed as an e-magazine for readers. The site was officially launched …

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[28 Jun 2011 | 6 Comments | ]

I’ve been busy working on a few different projects, and since summer holidays start next week I am desperate to finish the story currently on my plate. I’m on the last big scene. It’s an action scene, which I sometimes find more difficult to write because there seems to be a lot of information to convey—sights, sounds, movements, feelings—and more people to coordinate, but at the same time it has to flow at a fast pace to express the sense of urgency and momentum. I found myself stalling. It was hard …

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[17 Jun 2011 | 13 Comments | ]

Recently my RWA chapter held its annual luncheon. It was, as usual, a huge success. We were so blessed to have literary agent, Donald Maass, as our guest speaker, who also graciously did a book signing for his new release, The Breakout Novelist. And even though Nationals was less than 3 weeks and 40 miles away from us this year we still had seventeen industry professionals to sit and chat with over a nice, relaxed lunch.
So why am I shamelessly promoting my chapters yearly luncheon? Glad you asked. Along with …

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[16 Jun 2011 | 17 Comments | ]

Often the things that fascinate me (and have me thanking that I live in present day) from the medeival era are more on the repugnant side, like the fact that maggots were used to clean up wounds–which I also heard has come back into play in modern medicine *Shudder*  Well, this got me to thinking… And I was chuckling to myself with the usual odd looks from my family, when I came up with the list of things NOT to include in your medieval romance novel (medieval fiction all bets are …