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Taking Your Computer with You…

by Jeannie Ruesch 25 July 2011 4 Comments

One of the things that writers find can be difficult is the time to actually sit at your computer and work on your WIP.  Time is always of the essence, and when you add jobs, kids, family and other obligations and places you need to be to the mix, those 24 hours in a day just aren’t always enough.  But with the nifty inventions of smartphones and the iPad (which Oprah believes to be the best invention of this century… and in our current 11 years in, I think I agree, though I don’t imagine that will last for long. :), you have the option of taking notes, working on things on your own time away from the computer.

And there is a way to take that a step further.  There’s been a website out for years that allows you to connect to your computer from another computer, with just an internet connection and an account on the website.  Which, of course, you have to pay for.  And then this weekend, I discovered the remotepc.com app.  It does exactly the same thing, for just the effort of a download on my computer and a $0.99 app for a PC.  And voila, I can access my home computer on my iPhone.

Pic from Remotepc.com

While writing on an iPhone isn’t ideal, the big news in this for me is that I can access my MICROSOFT WORD files on my iPhone.  Which means I can read, edit, makes notes and yes, keep writing directly to the file that’s on my computer at home. Any time, anywhere.   For me, the lack of integration with Microsoft Office on the iPhone has been something I’ve hoped for for a long time.  And yes, I get why it will probably never happen.  But this works just fine.

It couldn’t be more simple to download the file and install it on your computer, and it gives you exactly the information you need to be able to set it up on your iPhone or iPad.  Now when the day comes when I get an iPad (which I covet along with the rest of the world…), writing on the larger surface will so much more simple.  It will mean that taking my laptop for writing is a thing of the past.  Have iPad, will travel. 😉   I can access ALL my applications directly now.

And as a writer, it means that excuse of “well, I had to sit in the dentist’s office waiting for an hour….” isn’t going to fly any more.  All I have to do is whip out my iPhone, log in at home, and get to work.  Sometimes, technology is just really, really cool.


  • Laurie Ryan said:

    Wow. That sounds pretty exciting. :) Can I ask a question? Is there any concern about somebody hacking into your pc remotely when you load a program like remotepc.com? I don’t normally consider things like this because I get too freaked out about being hijacked. But I’m wired to the internet 24/7, so I’m not sure this would be any different. I do know there have been times I’ve wished I had access to my pc files.

  • Jeannie Ruesch said:

    I”m sure it’s always a concern. I don’t know that anyone could say it’s completely safe. But you do include a password to connect so the more difficult you make that, the better. (Of course you have to remember it, too. LOL)

    The company that runs RemotePC is well known and specializes in remote connection, cloud storage, backup, etc… I imagine in order to stay in business, they have to take the utmost precautions to ensure safety. And the RemotePC app works over a local Wi-Fi connection, not your phone internet connection. Which probably adds a small level of security (and limitations, as well.)

  • Laurie Ryan said:

    Good to know. Thanks for the additional information, Jeannie. And I SO know what you mean about passwords. lol

  • pattianncolt said:

    You just gave me another reason to bump an iPad to the top of my list. Spend 6 hours a week taking grandson to appts and am so tired of using a pen and notepad and then having to transcribe later. I love the flexibility of this so much, I’m salivating. Thanks, Jeannie!

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