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The Write Space

by Silver James 4 August 2009 11 Comments

dream-office-joseph-marek-300 I wonder if Jeannie would trade muses with me for a week or so? Mine oh-so-politely tapped me on the shoulder just before midnight last night and reminded me that today is the first Tuesday and hence my turn to blog here at Happy Endings. Wha’…? *headdesk* Thanks so much, Iffy. I went back into my office, sat down at the computer in order to whip something out and stared at the *Add New Post* page. I got up and walked around. Sat down. Stared some more. Looked around my office. My semi-crummy little office. See the picture? THAT’S what I dream of my office looking like. Wouldn’t that be a lovely place in which to dream? To plot and create characters? A place where the words would flow from my imagination to my fingertips. A place where I could sit back and watch the blank screen fill with black letters dancing the Argentine Tango like Gilles Marini on Dancing with the Stars. I wish!

At the moment, my office is the former covered patio of my house. The previous owners tossed up a wall across the open side and called it a Florida room. It’s freezing in the winter, a sauna in the summer, and since the door to the storm cellar is out here, logistics HQ during the spring storm season. In the fall, when the weather is crisp and the sky so blue you have to squint your eyes against it, my little corner of the world doesn’t seem so crappy. But then I’m lucky. I can write in the middle of Grand Central Station (even though I’ve never been there). Crowded airport? Between games at a softball tournament or track meet? Kitchen table? Yup. When Iffy is in the mood to work, I can write anywhere. But I dream of having a space that HGTV would showcase. I dream of there someday being a show, “The Write Space” showcasing the gorgeous offices belonging to NYT best-selling authors and MY space is featured in the pilot! Did I mention that I have a vivid imagination?

I must add here that I am getting a new space eventually. Without going into all the details, the room that was formerly our formal dining room is now the library and will become my office once French doors, a deck, and cable/phone outlets are added. Considering I’ve been waiting since August 12, 2007 to get the shower in my master bedroom fixed (Don’t worry, honey, I’ll get around to that any day now! – I swear next life I’m marrying a plumber instead of a lawyer…just sayin’!), I haven’t started packing up my office for the move to the other part of the house. The new space will be filled with light, floor-to-ceiling bookcases, and an outdoor space where I can slip out on cool mornings, sip my coffee and plot. Ah, to dream…

So…how ’bout ya’ll? Tell me about your favorite place to write. Do you have dedicated space? Is there a little getaway where you meet your Muse for an assignation? And then dream and tell me about the Write Space for you…


  • Jeannie Ruesch said:

    I LOVE that picture, Silver! What a beautiful space. And I’m with you, I have a dream Write Space in my mind that someday, I hope to fulfill. :)

    I remember watching the movie Something’s Gotta Give with Diane Keaton, and LOVING her office. Of course her house was right on the ocean, so that would be a dream location. But her office was uncluttered, a beautiful desk with a huge window that looked right outside.

    So my ideal Write Space would be a large office, in those same beachy type warm colors. I want a glorious looking, but delicate cherry wood desk that shines (and yes I know that means I’ll actually have to keep it clean long enough to dust it…*sigh* but in this dream, I also have a housekeeper. lol). It will sit in a huge room with a plush light colored carpet (sort of off-white), with one wall encased in cherry wood bookshelves, and two walls fully made of up windows that overlook my gorgeous yard and preferably a lake or pond somewhere nearby. (All entirely possible thanks to my talented landscaper hubby. lol) The fourth wall will have a fireplace – all brick, huge. And in front of that will be two overstuffed, comfy chairs meant to curl up in.

    Yes, a girl can dream. (And I think Fred is demanding his own corner, too, so I’ll have to figure out where to put him, his lazy boy chair and his many posters of pet rocks.)

  • Lavada Dee said:

    I’d love to have a room with a view. This one isn’t bad and if I’d ever take the time to clean and get organized it would be better. I love your picture Silver it looks inviting. If I were your neighbor I’d be popping in for coffee…

    By the way how do you put pictures on your entry. I tried awhile back and couldn’t do it.

  • Silver James (author) said:

    @Jeannie – I saw that picture and craved it. Like white chocolate and cinnamon ice cream! LOL. My house is a white brick ranch so I’ll never have the Sante Fe look – unless I move to New Mexico! But I hope to achieve something similar. I really miss having an outdoor space and I would love to have a water feature, too, but with all the trees we have, that probably won’t happen. But I can sure dream big!

    @Lavada – You’d be welcome for coffee anytime! Just so long as you don’t mention cleaning my office. LOL!

    Pictures…Jeannie fixed our ability to add pics to our posts with the upgrade to the site. *POINTS AND GRINS* Isn’t it lovely here now!?! On the New Post page, between the title line and the window where you type your post, it says: Upload/Insert with someeries of icons. Click on the one that looks like a negative. (first icon). That takes you to a window and you can upload the picture you want, size it, and position it. Hope that helps!

  • Lavada Dee said:

    Thank you Silver. You give good directions.

  • Silver James (author) said:

    If I could avoid the typos…lol. Glad you could figure it out. I love being able to put pictures in now! Thank you, Jeannie!

  • Jeannie Ruesch said:

    I’m glad you’re enjoying the new look and features. I’m having too much fun…must stop fussing with it. LOL

  • ashleyludwig said:

    Jeannie – don’t you dare stop fussing with the site!

    Silver, OMG your dream space is MY OFFICE!!!!!!! Just kidding.

    Currently, so as not to confuse my home office with my creative space (no mixing work with my writing or I might never get one or the other done) – I have total separation. if that makes ANY sense to any of you. My writing space when no one is awake, is the living room couch and my laptop. A tray with my WIP print outs can be easily transported to the dining room table (rarely if ever used for dining ha ha).

    But, last night we went for a walk and were daydreaming about whether to put an addition on the house or should we move. We saw a house with a room add on and deck above, off the master bedroom. Our collective jaws dropped. That’s it! We agreed. We stay. In about 3 years, we add on. After daycare’s done, when both kids are in school… and with it, my writing space will be on that deck, on my chaise. With gorgeous view of the mountains, CA breezes. My office will become my library with leather chairs, and tiffany lamps, built in shelves, a fireplace… *sigh* I love day dreaming. Don’t you?

  • Silver James (author) said:

    OMG, Ashley! *whew* Good thing. I’d already started packing so I could move in with you! LOL.

    I love “desert” style architecture but living in Oklahoma, it’s rare. Some day, when I when the lottery…

    So cool that you and the DH had a simultaneous light bulb moment! And yes, I love daydreaming, too! Some day…

  • Stacey Joy Netzel said:

    Oh, to dream about writing space. I try not to do it too often or I’ll get depressed because I’d have to win the lottery to get mine. Currently, I have an L shaped disorganized desk butting up against the wall and the back of the couch in the living room. I can keep an eye on the kids and the TV, and I have a window diagonally on either side of me to watch/listen for the kids in the summer.

    Dream space is an enclosed gazebo with lots of windows, screens and/or AC for summer, heat in winter, large door opening to a small patio with a landscaped waterfall, fish pond, lots of flowers, hummingbird feeders, comfortable table and chairs to drink tea at. When I really want to go crazy, I plop all that next to a lake in the mountains of Colorado. :) Oh, and my desk would be clean, and I’d have a maid to clean and cook for me. See where that lottery comes in? I’d settle for one of my books being made into a movie, too.

    Okay, time for bed.

  • Silver James (author) said:

    Oh, Stacy! I would love to have that gazebo on a lake in the Colorado mountains–one of my favorite places in the world. Or…if I were to win the lottery, I think I’d just permanently lease one of the “apartment” rooms on the ground floor of the main Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs. Those rooms look out on the lake and Cheyenne Mountain, you can hear the chimes from the Will Rogers Memorial up top, and ROOM SERVICE!

    I’d settle for one of my books being made into a movie, too. LOL 😉

  • Yvonne Walus said:

    Lavada, I _have_ a room with a view. Green treetops with parrots chattering in them, and the sea beyond. It makes it more of a temptation to stare out the window instead of filling the white screen with black words…

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