The right place at the right time…

It’s all about being at the right place at the right time, knowing the right people, having the right manuscript available.

Fiji: A Tropical Delight or a State of Emergency?

For every copy of “Fiji on Fire, Fiji on Ice” sold in March and April 2010, I will donate $1.50 to Fiji Aid.

Writing with both sides of your brain

You have an idea. You want to write it down. You have to write it down. So, what do you do?

If you abandon your cup of tea mid-sip, switch off the music and sit down at your desk to do the writing, ask yourself why. Why the desk and not the bed? Why switch off the music? Why not take the cup of tea with you to sip as you ponder?

You might discover that those did not make those choices consciously: you just followed a pattern of learnt behaviour. At school, they told us that to study we needed a quiet area away from all distractions, a neat desk, a firm chair and plenty of light. And yet, the latest research tells us that sitting at a desk can place too much strain on the coccyx, and that bright light can lead to burnout.

Brainstorming the Plot of James Cameron’s Avatar

I can just imagine James Cameron walking into the weekly brainstorming session at my writers’ group….

Smell Your Way into the Plot

For writers, aromatherapy may also be a well of ideas in itself. Ever since I started researching the topic, my fiction teems with witches and enchanted forests of magical flowers. I write poetry about voodoo dolls and love potions. And of course, one of my murder mysteries, “Murder @ Work” (a shameless plug here), features a murder by essential oil.

How Theme and Plotting Work Together for Me

Today, I’d like to share with you another plotting technique that works for me. I call it theming. No, not The Ming, it’s not nearly as valuable (LOL). I mean, scheming using a theme, or theming for short.

Blogs, Live Chats and the Kitchen Sink

… I wonder whether I’m just screaming voicelessly in a soundproof room in the middle of the largest desert on Mars…

The Domino Effect in Novels

In a perfect novel, every scene is a logical conclusion of something that had happened earlier, a perfect string of cause-and-effect. Nothing ever happens by chance, the resolution never resorts to “deus ex machina”, and your rejection letter never says “nicely written, but the story is too episodical”.

When Scenes Rule

Is anybody else out there as messed up as I am? Neither a plotter nor a pantser, I write in random scenes. Scenes? Scenes. As they occur to me. I’d be sitting at the computer, or driving the car, or…

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