For the Love of Reading

Taking Space on My Kindle Fire


I thought I’d share what’s taking space on my Kindle these days…  I mostly read and watch movies on it, and it’s a shiny new Kindle Fire HDX that I got for Christmas.  (Thanks, brother!) Currently Reading The Countess Conspiracy by Courtney Milan Right now, I’m knee deep in the most recent book from Courtney Milan’s Brothers Sinister series, THE COUNTESS CONSPIRACY.   I have loved every book in this series, and I will say that when I started this last book —Sebastian and Violet’s book—the first chapter blew me away.  Maybe I wasn’t paying attention, but I didn’t expect the twist. (Of course, I didn’t read the back copy blurb before I bought the book either.)  But I’m almost finished and seriously loving it.   Just downloaded The Dressmaker by Kate Alcott I found this book through Bookbub (a great site for any reader to visit… free and low priced […]

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What is a happy ending?

If you are a romance reader and/or writer, you’re well acquainted with the “formula” for a romance novel – boy meets girl, boy falls for girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back and lives happily ever after.  The very formula that makes these stories so popular also constitutes its largest points of criticism.  How can any book that follows such a close formula be any good? I think we all know that isn’t true.  Most of write and read wonderful books with that prerequisite ending attached.  In fact, the “happy ending” is a part of why I love romance novels to begin with.   The fact that I know the couple is going to end up together, no matter the odds they face, is comforting.  It allows me to trust the beloved genre enough to know I’ll get what I want — the feelings, the warmth, the belief that love […]

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Let’s SWAP TBR Piles…

I imagine for most of us, books are as much a staple in our houses as furniture (and heck, the former may even be used upon occasion to prop up the latter.)  And if you’re like me, you have some sort of organization (no matter how loose a word that is) to your books.  At the very least, you’ve probably separated the “To Be Read” pile out of the read pile.   (And if anyone tells me they have their books alphabetized, I might just send Fred to T-P your house.) I also have a new sort of TBR pile… the one on my kindle.  I’m hoping that at some point, Kindle will allow for file management because this girl could seriously use some folders on hers.  But no matter where my TBR pile exists or what format, I find that it doesn’t much matter how many of those books I […]

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You Do Judge a Book By Its Cover

Since we were children, we have been told not to "judge a book by its cover." Of course, when you're six years old that means not to assume that the girl in the corner who looked and dressed different from everyone else is icky.  Or perhaps it means not assuming the boy sitting next to you has cooties, simply because he's a boy.  On the aspect of not judging a person based on their appearance, it's a solid idiom. People are much deeper than what you see on the outside, and if you make a snap decision about a person based on what you see at first glance, you often miss a tremendous amount.  But in books, I find it hard not to judge by the cover.  I'm immediately drawn to certain types of covers. Yesterday, I went to my local Borders store to spend a few quiet hours writing.  […]

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An Interesting Thing Happened on the Way to the Plot…

Our regularly scheduled blogmate, Cheryl, had some difficulties getting here today, so I'm going to fill in.  She will be back next month. ———————- So last night, I surprised myself.  Or perhaps, I should say my character surprised me.  I sat down to work on my characterization for the main protagonist of my thriller WIP. (I have two currently in progress: the 2nd book in the Willoughby Family series and when I need a break from that, I work on my thriller.)  I wanted to write out my heroine's story, her childhood, get to know her better so as I work out the outline for the plot, I know what matters most to her. And a funny thing happened as I was writing her backstory: I started writing in first person. Now anyone who knows me knows I don't like first person — it's hard for me to read so […]

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Love & Relationships: Dating a Bad Boy

Why are so many women interested in the bad boy? This is the fixer-upper.  Cute, sexy but rough around the edges. This is the type of dude guys like me can’t stand because instead of dating someone that’s good for them, women (or even men) will sometimes choose the ones that treat them crap. This is also the type of love relationship that always leads to a break up. Why? I tease my female friends that most women seem to want a “project”, a boyfriend they can work on and modify and mold into what they want and if they’re lucky enough to somehow turn their bad boy into a respectable one then they’re bored with him because he’s not who they fell in love with and then ends in a break up. What is so hard about choosing someone you can accept as-is? Like when you’re buying a used […]

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