For the Love of Reading

Taking Space on My Kindle Fire


I thought I’d share what’s taking space on my Kindle these days…  I mostly read and watch movies on it, and it’s a shiny new Kindle Fire HDX that I got for Christmas.  (Thanks, brother!) Currently Reading The Countess Conspiracy […]

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What is a happy ending?

If you are a romance reader and/or writer, you’re well acquainted with the “formula” for a romance novel – boy meets girl, boy falls for girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back and lives happily ever after.  The very […]

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Let’s SWAP TBR Piles…

I imagine for most of us, books are as much a staple in our houses as furniture (and heck, the former may even be used upon occasion to prop up the latter.)  And if you’re like me, you have some […]

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You Do Judge a Book By Its Cover

Since we were children, we have been told not to "judge a book by its cover." Of course, when you're six years old that means not to assume that the girl in the corner who looked and dressed different from […]

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An Interesting Thing Happened on the Way to the Plot…

Our regularly scheduled blogmate, Cheryl, had some difficulties getting here today, so I'm going to fill in.  She will be back next month. ———————- So last night, I surprised myself.  Or perhaps, I should say my character surprised me.  I […]

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Love & Relationships: Dating a Bad Boy

Why are so many women interested in the bad boy? This is the fixer-upper.  Cute, sexy but rough around the edges. This is the type of dude guys like me can’t stand because instead of dating someone that’s good for […]

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