My messy, but not unorganized desk…

February 2nd, 2016

You’d think writers would have endless drawers filled with ideas for books and blog posts.  Maybe some one out there does.  Me? Not so much.

So when it comes to blog posts, I often troll the internet looking for other brilliant souls who come up with those lists about which i can write. One such list comes from Champagne Laced.  This post is about idea .

Take a photo of your desk RIGHT NOW and explain yourself.

Yes, ma’am!

Here it is, in all it’s messy (but yet not unorganized) glory.

File Jan 22, 10 42 11 PM

Since you get the larger picture up above, here is where I work.  Incidentally, it’s also where I work for my full time day job, as well — which explains the multiple computers and screens.  I have my main screen and my personal computer and my work computer, plus a  switching station to share the monitor and keyboard.

And yes.  It’s a bit messy.

Fortunately, I have a very handy-with-plants hubby who knows I love them, so he fills the edges of my desk with beautiful greenery.  plantsback

The bonus upside?


From the rest of the room, all you see is pretty green plants and photos.  My mess is well hidden. Just how I like it. 🙂

And while yes, it’s messy, it’s not unorganized. I can tell you exactly what’s in the stack of papers to my left, where I keep my random USB drives and what’s hiding underneath the desk. (I’ll never tell.)

And on my desk? Lots of little things that make me smile throughout the day, so they stay right where they are.

This is one of many coffee cups I have.  This one so gets me:


And yes, that is peppermint bark Ghirardelli Square chocolate  Yum.

Next: This tiny little framed saying was a gift from one of my best friends.  It reminds me daily to Dream, Believe, Achieve.

It says:

Dare to dream
Whether big or small
Believe in yourself
And you can achieve all



This little section is my memory corner.


That handsome guy right there is my hubby, the year we met.  Sorry, ladies.  Definitely taken.

The adorable little blob of red in front of him was a gift my son made in kindergarten. It could be a dinosaur. It could be a dog.  It could just be a blob.  In any case, it stays.

The Statue of Liberty was a souvenir from a trip to, shockingly, New York. (I know. Your mind is blown.) This trip was a grand adventure with another of my forever friends, one we’ll never forget, taken right after 9/11.  We visited New York for less than a week, but had the trip of a lifetime.  Such great memories.

And then there’s that flower-covered hammer.  That is also a screwdriver. ‘Nuff said.  Hammer with flowers on it. (Plus it really drives my husband crazy.  So worth it.)

So, there you have it.  My desk today.  I might take a picture of it on the rare occasion it’s clean but let’s face it — that probably isn’t going to happen any time soon.

So explain your desk!  Take the mantel of this post topic and post the next one on your blog. Be sure to share the link so I can check your desk out, too.  (Bonus points if you’re not a neat-freak. It means we’ll be friends.)

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